What payment methods do we accept?

We accept payments by credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, China UnionPay (CUP), Discover & Diners, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), debit cards, and third-party providers – Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

Visa All countries Global Yes Yes
Mastercard All countries Global Yes Yes
American Express All countries except Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates. Global, except India* Yes Yes
Discover & Diners Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States Global Yes, Except for Discover in Japan Yes
China UnionPay Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, and all countries in the European Economic Area except Croatia, Iceland, and Lichtenstein Global Yes Invite only
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and United States Global Japan only Yes
Cartes Bancaires All countries in the SEPA region France Yes Not supported

How myDEAC billing works?

The cost of myDEAC services is calculated based on the pricing of the respective service. In myDEAC, it is possible to purchase Oline services, which can be received in minutes, as well as data center services, which are implemented based on individual offers and prices.

In the case of online services, the price is determined upon starting the use of the service. An hourly billing model (Pay-As-You-Go) is used, which means that the cost of the bill is calculated from the actual time that the service is used. The total amount depends on the number of days in the month and the hours when the service is used. When the use of the service is started, the accounting of service costs is started for the relevant Workspace, up to the maximum limit of a given month. If it is exceeded, a warning is sent and additional funds must be credited to Workspace.

It is important to note that the fee will still be calculated, even if the service is in a STOP status. This is because the resource remains reserved for the customer, and the associated data is retained.

To halt the fee calculation, the instance must be entirely deleted, resulting in the removal of all stored data as well.

The invoice shows the costs within the previous month and is automatically generated on the first day of each subsequent month.

How to add credit to my account?

To add credits to your account, please follow the steps below:

  1. On the left, under your workspace, click on the + icon.
  2. Input credit amount or packages already offered or add any other amount you wish.
  3. Click on the Next button.
  4. Enter Card Information and click Pay.
  5. After payment, the credit will be added to your workspace.

How to order online services on the myDEAC platform?

To place an order, you can choose one of the order payment scenarios:

  1. Create a Workspace and add funds with the chosen payment method. After that, choose the online service you want, select the desired configuration and press the Deploy button. In this case, the prepaid invoice payment model will be applied - using the service for the amount available in Workspace.
  2. Choose a service from the product menu or by pressing the New Service button in the upper right corner of the platform, make the necessary configuration choices and press the Deploy button. At this moment, you will need to create a Workspace, as well as specify payment card data.

After entering the necessary data, the card will be validated by DEAC’s payment platform Stripe within few days. After the card is validated, you will be able to start using the selected service worth up to 100 EUR per month on a postpaid basis. This means that 100 EUR will be available to you until the end of the month, if the service exceeds this amount, you will have to pay additional funds to the relevant Workspace.

Which payment processing platform is used in myDEAC?

We use the secure payment processing platform Stripe. This platform provides fast and secure payments.

How is money transferred/showed, named in myDEAC?

Refill is done manually. After refill, the funds are instantly credited to your account. You can top up your account at any time.

How is the prepaid model billed and charged?

When ordering prepaid services, you must specify the chosen payment method and add the desired amount of funds that you plan to spend in the relevant period. When the available funds are about to end, you will receive a message that you need to top up your Worskpace credit. If it is not updated, all your services in the relevant Workspace will be deleted.

How is the postpaid model billed and charged?

Individuals must provide a valid payment method to operate myDEAC services on a postpaid basis. Upon confirmation of the payment method, users can access online services with a capped limit of 100 EUR. If service usage exceeds this limit within the current month, users must make an additional payment to their account.

Please note: Accounts will be charged on the first day of the following month. However, in the event of a failed transaction and insufficient funds replenishment, all services associated with the account will be permanently deleted. Hence, users must always ensure that their account maintains sufficient funds or a valid payment method.

When are services canceled if there are insufficient funds to pay for them?

If the bill is not paid (postpaid model) or additional funds are not added (prepaid model), then after 7 days from the date when this payment was due - all your services will be stopped. If we haven’t received payment after 7 days - all services and data will be permanently deleted.

Where can I see my credit details?

You can see your credit details in Billing section. In overview you will see your existing credit amount.

How to use existing credit in my account?

You can use existing credit to create a Virtual Machine. Credit can also be used to pay for other services within one workspace.

How does credit work between workspaces?

Since each workspace is created for a separate project, the credit is refilled on each workspace separately. If you have several workspaces, you will need to top up credit for each of them.

What is the minimal credit to add?

The minimum credit that can be added is 1€. However, the minimum price for some services may be higher.

What is the minimal payment for services?

The minimal payment for services depends on the service you choose and the specifications. The minimum price of the service starts from only 10.00 Eur.

How is charge calculated?

The service fee is calculated according to the price list of the selected service, which is based on the hourly rate. The monthly rate, which is specified when deploying a service, is approximate and may vary. The total amount depends on the number of days in the month and the hours when the service is used.

It is important to note that the the fee will still be calculated, even if the service is in a STOP status. This is because the resource remains reserved for the customer, and the associated data is retained.

To halt the fee calculation, the instance must be entirely deleted, resulting in the removal of all stored data as well.

How is VAT calculated?

The place of provision of e-services is considered as inland (local) and VAT applied is 21%.

Where can I see estimated costs for my used services?

Estimated costs for your used services are available in the Billing section » Cost and Usage Report.

Where can I see my invoices?

To see your invoices, you need to select the Billing » Invoice History section. Also, you have access to the invoice history section, which displays invoices for the entire time of using the services.

How do I receive invoices?

You receive invoices electronically, in myDEAC platform and by e-mail. You can view current and history invoices in the Billing section.

What info is available in invoice?

The invoice contains the following details: the invoice number, supplier information, customer information, the name and description of the service, the time frame during which the bill is issued, the quantity of hours spent, and the total price.

Why there is info about used hours in invoice but no info about the exact dates of usage?

You may view the exact dates of usage under Billing » Invoice History Report. The invoice does not include this information.

Is there credit needed in my account to start any service?

To start using any service, you need credit in your Workspace. Nevertheless, this requirement does not apply to custom solutions since they may differ and fees are determined by DEAC according to the contract.

How is payment made?

Services are billed on a prepaid basis. Your credit can be topped up and service may be deployed if your credit is at least one month’s worth of subscription amount. As well, you may use the service hourly or on a monthly basis and stop it whenever you like.

What happens if I have credit running low in my Workspace?

If your credits running low in your workspace, you will be notified that you need to top up your credit.

What happens if my credit ran out in Workspace and I didn’t add any additional credits?

If your Workspace credit ran out and you didn’t add any more, you will be notified after 7 days and services will stop. Resources and data will be deleted and you won’t be able to get them restored.

How to withdraw existing credit from my account?

To withdraw existing credit from your account, you must submit an application about that. In the case of termination of your services, your refund will be credited to the account from which you withdrew your existing credit according to your application of refund.

Please note: Bonus funds can only be used to purchase services and are non-refundable.

What happens to my credit if I delete my workspace?

You can’t delete a workspace while it has credit or debt on the account. If you want to delete workspace, you must destroy all of your workspace instances and set credit to zero.

What happens to my credit if I delete my account?

You can’t delete a account while it has credit. If you want to delete account, you must destroy all of your workspace instances and set credit to zero. To do that you may request the return of money manually.