What details are provided in the Firewall section?

  When you click the button to create new inbound or outbound firewall policies, a list of your existing policies (if any) will appear in the firewall section.

What is the difference between shared and private firewall?

  A shared firewall hosts many users, and a private firewall is a service only provided for one user who no longer shares it. A shared firewall already has specific controls, while a private firewall has more customization options and enhanced security.

What are Firewall rules from predefined Firewall policy?

  1. In the Dashboard Firewall section, create a New policy.
  2. Choose Inbound or Outbound Policy.
  3. Define firewall rule criteria. (Action/Protocol/Port/Source or Destination IP/Network).
  4. Save Policy.

How to apply a firewall policy for multiple VM?

  1. In the Dashboard Firewall section, choose the predefined Firewall policy.
  2. Select VM’s.
  3. Click Apply.
Please note: The applied policy will overwrite any custom rules the selected Virtual Machines may have set.