How to choose a Virtual Machine (VM) hostname?

  You can assign any hostname to your VM, however, there are some restrictions when choosing a hostname:

  • The length of each segment of the hostname, separated by dots, must be between 1 and 63 characters.
  • The complete hostname (including dots) must be no more than 253 characters in total.
  • The hostname can only contain ASCII letters (a-z), digits (0-9), and hyphens (-).
Please note: A hostname can’t start with a hyphen.

What actions can I take with my VM?

  You can perform the following operations on the VM you created: Start, Stop, Restart and Delete.

Is VM charged if I stop it?

 If you choose to stop your VM, charges will still be applied according to its selected configuration. While the VM is in STOP status, all data is stored on it and there is a possibility to START it at any time, so it is charged according to the standard active VM price list with the expected hourly rate.

Please note: The VM must be deleted for the charges not to apply.

How many VMs can I create for my Workspace?

  You can create up to 10 virtual machines for one Workspace.

Please note: The total also includes stopped, non-deleted and blocked virtual machines.

Where can I find my public/private IP?

  You can find IP addresses in two sections. To find your IP addresses, please follow the steps below:

  1. Dashboard » Instances » underneath the name of your VM.
  2. Dashboard » Instances » Open the Instance for which you want to find the IP » go to the Network section.

During which time intervals is VM charged?

  VM is charged hourly (Pay As You Go). Estimates of monthly pricing are based on 720 hours of usage each month.