Where can I see my network configurations?

  There are two options available to view network configurations.

  1. You can select the instance you want to view the configuration for and open the Network section.
  2. To view the entire network configuration, go to the Dashboard and open the Network section. This will take you to the Network Topology, an overview of the network configuration.

What are private network gateway settings?

  Private network gateway settings are in the Network topology located in the Dashboard and Network sections. In Network topology, your private gateway will be marked as GW’s name. On the right side, you can select the zone to manage Private network gateway settings, Enter DNS server, and Select the ateway address VM. All VM with the private network will be routed over the gateway and set to your DNS server.

  You can simultaneously use Public and Private networks. In situations where both Public and Private Networks are required simultaneously, you could, for instance, use Kubernetes cluster ingress or HA and load balancing solutions. A firewall (Mikrotik, Arista NG, pfSense, or Linux OS) solution is also used.

  When a Virtual Machine (VM) is disconnected from the public network, it can only be accessed via the console or a private firewall that has been set up beforehand (Mikrotik, Arista NG, pfSense, or Linux OS). Through this private firewall, NAT is used to organize internet traffic. You can establish a VPN connection using one of the private firewall functions, and as a result, you can use a VPN to connect to a VM that only has a Private network.

  The VM will be completely isolated and accessible only through the Console if you disable both networks.