Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine

What is Virtual Machine (VM)?

 A Virtual Machine is a virtual IT resource that is similar in functionality to a physical server. The difference is that particular software is used to create a Virtual Machine, enabling remote management and maintenance.

Why should I choose Virtual Machine?

 Virtual Machines are more profitable, reliable, and flexible than physical servers. You can increase the resources of your Virtual Machine at any time, and it will not require a lot of investment or time. Your Virtual Machine is provided with operational continuity and availability, regardless of the hardware used.

Why are the preconfigured Virtual Machines the best choice?

 Preconfigured Virtual Machines are the best choice because it makes your project noticeably cheaper. It does not require you to buy additional software, and users will only be able to create Virtual Machines with small specifications, half of which will not be used. The Virtual Machine selection menu contains many pre-packaged Virtual Machines, and once selected, you can set it up straight away and start using it.