What to do if I have a technical issue with the platform?

  If you have technical problems with the platform, contact the technical department and indicate what type of problem you are experiencing. To send a request to our technical department, click on the “blue circle with mail” icon in the upper right corner.

How to contact support?

  To contact support, click on the “blue circle with mail” icon in the upper right corner and submit a request with your information and a description of the request.

What is the response time of support requests?

  The response time for support requests is 48 hours within working days from the date of receipt of the request.

Please note: This is the response time that should be received from the support desk within 48 hours at most. It may take longer to resolve the issue or provide other assistance.

What is the technical troubleshooting fee?

  The fee for fixing technical problems depends on the request. No additional fees are charged for issues related to myDEAC maintenance. If the request is more complex or contains a task that requires more in-depth analysis, a one-time fee may be charged. Such works are considered individually and separately coordinated with the client. If you have any difficulties or need your help, you can always use this service.

What information is available in the Support section?

  In the Support section you will find all your requests to the technical department, as well as a button to send a new request.