Create VM

Create Virtual Machine (VM)

How to create a new VM in myDEAC?

To create a new VM, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the New Service button on the top right side and choose a VM.
  2. Choose the Region.
  3. Select CPU type (regular or high performance).
  4. Select the operating system.
  5. Pick a VM plan (you’ll be able to upgrade to a higher plan or add storage space later).
  6. Select the required Network options (public or/and private network).
  7. Create or choose your public SSH key.
  8. Enter or copy the already-created password for authentication to access the instance only over the console.
  9. Select the number of VM’s you wish to create with the same configuration.
  10. Choose the time zone and hostname for your instance.
  11. After configuring your virtual machine, review the final setup and price. Finally, click the Deploy button. The virtual machine will be ready for use in a moment.
Please note: Pay and Deploy, meaning insufficient money in Balance to deploy VM.
You can create up to 10 virtual machines per Worspace. The total also includes stopped, non-deleted and blocked virtual machines.
To deploy a virtual machine, you should have the full monthly subscription amount on your balance. However, you will be charged by the hour. The remaining balance can be used to order other virtual machines or services.