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DEAC European Data Center Operator, Northern Europe’s one of the largest and most technologically sophisticated providers of cloud computing and multi-IT infrastructure solutions, provides services to thousands of international customers. All services are certified following all data center standards and meet the highest requirements. DEAC is a part of the asset management company QUAERO CAPITAL’s infrastructure investment fund, Quaero European Infrastructure Fund II.

  Since the company was established on August 9, 1999, DEAC has continuously enhanced the technical expertise of its personnel and the infrastructure of its data centers. After several years of expansion, growth, market position improvement, and certifications, it launched the second DEAC data center in 2009, making it one of the largest in Northern Europe.

  Nowadays, DEAC, a recognized provider of data centers in Europe, encourages the company’s sustainability and environmentally friendly operations by using only green electricity, which is entirely produced from renewable sources. DEAC’s clients, partners and visitors consider its data centers the most reliable with cutting-edge technologies. Each year, DEAC significantly expands the range of services it provides, increasing consumer loyalty.